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Eco-loft conversions & energy efficiency

‘Going green’ isn’t usually top of the list when planning a loft conversion – but it’s a fantastic bonus. Converting your loft space can help make your home more energy efficient, and that means you spend less money heating the rest of your house.

At REGENCY we can use all our experience together with top quality building materials to create the perfect eco-loft conversion.

Insulation that meets energy efficiency guidelines

Firstly, we use the best insulation.  It keeps the heat in and helps stop the drafts.  Even if you already have some insulation, very often we can improve it so that not only will your home meet energy efficiency guidelines you can sometimes surpass them.

High quality double-glazing

Secondly, we insist on using the best double-glazing.  We can even give you the option to use low thermal emissivity glass.  This clever glass lets all the warmth of the sun in while stopping any heat from getting out.  If required, we can also install triple-glazing.  You may want to consider having vents, so you can let fresh air into your loft conversion without needing to leave windows open – it’s better for security too.

Low energy lighting systems

Finally, we can also install low-energy lighting fixtures and lamps into your new loft conversion.  Low energy lamps and bulbs last many times longer than regular ones and can add further savings to your electricity bills.

Talk to REGENCY today on 0800 032 1030. We have the experience to help you create the dream loft conversion you want without compromising on the energy efficiency you need.

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