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Can your loft be converted?

Can your loft be converted?

Welcome to Regency loft Conversions you are probably wondering if your loft can be converted, Well the answer is Most lofts can be converted although in some rare cases it is not practical. Your main concern is the head height of your existing property. Ideally you need a minimum of 2.2m head height in your existing loft space. Don’t worry if the head height is below 2.2m there are still a couple of options

The first option is if your home is a detached house, if this is the case we can raise the roof, this is called a “Roof Lift”.

The second option is It is still possible to carry out a loft conversion if your head height is tight. Your existing ceilings can be lowered, this will enable us to create additional head height in the loft area and allow us to create a loft conversion.

A member of the Regency team will be able to advise you on our initial visit if this is what you require.

Alternatively, we have developed a helpful tool to help you, please click the relevant button to guide you through the process to show you what options are available to you. Click Here

Loft Conversions Height Restrictions


Our loft conversion checker below to see if your loft can be converted.
Simply select your house type and follow the steps.

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Semi Detached Loft Conversion

Semi Detached

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